My Work on the Front Page

And a beautiful front page it is too... Many thanks to Tangentine!!


Blog Makeover!!

Waaaaaaaay better than before, don't ya think? But is it too girly? Maybe its because I work in a male-saturated environment and work with power tools all day and wear nothing but Carhartts that I want to explore my feminine side when I'm at home...


So I've decided to become a novelty plate collector....

Animal Plates!! Love this. Hand drawn by jimbobart. Radical. 
These are simply beautiful. Contemporary geometry. Find them here... Ninainvorm


More Nakashima...

Unlike the headboard, this piece is unfortunately not for sale... Not that any of us could afford it even if it was...

This piece, (Conoid Bench, circa 1966) is a true inspiration. I love the juxtaposition between the raw, live edge board and the very finished back rest. It's a theme that I continue to explore in my own work. Amazing.

Vintage Nakashima Headboard!

Amazing and so rare! George Nakashima is a huge inspiration. I'll post more photos soon. Find the headboard for sale here from fabulousmess vintage on Etsy.

Stunning Lighting from LightTexture

If you haven't already, go check out these gorgeously designed lamps and fixtures from LightTexture on Etsy. Contemporary shapes create contemporary spaces!